Alpha Rho Chi

Alpha Rho Chi- Vitruvius Chapter

The nation's only co-ed professional fraternity dedicated to architecture and the allied arts. 


Active Brothers

Currently there are 36 active brothers and counting!


Congratulations to our six new brothers in the Iota Theta Nu class: Caitlyn Kanalis, Josiah Kim, Daniel Lopatka, Stephen Mitchell, Kayla Robinson, and Sam Wanatick. Welcome to the brotherhood!


Trey Williams

3rd Year Architecture- Worthy Architect and THON chair

Trey is from Lititz, a small town in Lancaster, PA. Growing up, he always had an interest in art and drawing and decided to pursue a career in architecture. He is currently the Worthy Scribe for the chapter. On his free time, Trey enjoys skateboarding, playing tennis, and playing guitar.

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Hannah Baker

3rd Year Architecture - Worthy Associate Architect and Activities chair

Hannah grew up in Mechanicsville, Virginia with her two older siblings and parents. Hannah enjoyed taking photography, art, and technical drawing classes in high school which inspired her to make a career out of architecture. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix and taking naps.


Zach Bloomgarden

4th year Media Studies- Worthy Estimator

Zach was born and raised in Syosset, a town located on Long Island in New York. Zach was originally an Architecture Major but is now in the Media Studies program in the school of Communications. He is also minoring in Architectural Studies and in Business. Currently Zach is the worthy estimator and in the past has been in charge of recruitment and professional events. In his free time he really enjoys watching and playing sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. Video games is another hobby of his that he really enjoys playing with his friends.


Andrew Bean

4th Year Architecture Engineering - Worthy Adviser, Professional Events, and New Member Educator

Andrew was the 2017 President and 2017/2018 House Manager for Alpha Rho Chi. He is a third year Architectural Engineering student focusing on Lighting Design and pursuing a minor is Technical Theater. Along with APX, he is also very involved in the theater group on campus, the Penn State Thespians, serving as their Technical Director for the Fall production of The Drowsy Chaperone. Andrew hopes to continue to devote his effort and energy into the fraternity for the rest of his time at Penn State and as an Alumnus.


Kelly Beggin

3rd Year Architecture- Worthy Scribe

Kelly is a 3rd year Architecture major from Long Valley, New Jersey. Before attending Penn
State, she took part in many service projects, which often involved renovation and construction
and led to her interest in the profession. Kelly is the “one” and only member of the Fall 2017
pledge class, Omicron Nu Epsilon. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, cooking, and
attending concerts. She hopes to expand her role in the fraternity in the following years.


Joe Beam

4th year Art Major- Sergeant at Arms

Joe is a 4th year student majoring in Art. He joined Alpha Rho Chi in the fall semester of his freshman year because of the opportunities and connections offered by the fraternity. He enjoys making art in many ways but favors drawing the most. He also likes to read and spend time with his brothers and other friends in between school, work, and commissioned artwork.


Danielle Hinds

Masters in Architecture- Chapter Development

Danielle is a graduate student from the Baltimore area. She is an alumni member of the Olynthius chapter at the University of Maryland where she received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a Minor in Sustainability Studies and Arts Scholars citation. In her free time Danielle enjoys watercolor painting, good food, music, martial arts, and learning new languages. So far she has loved her time at Penn State and can’t wait to see where else this new journey takes her!


Jeff Wertheim

4th Year Larch

Jeff is a New Jersey native, who is currently a fourth year landscape architecture student. Hobbies outside of studio include surfing, snowboarding, photography, and hockey. In addition to Jeff's involvement in APX, he is also active in leadership through the College of Arts & Architecture, along with being a head Director for LABash 2018 at Penn State, a national conference for landscape architecture students and professionals. His involvement in APX has opened countless doors, both professionally and socially, and is very thankful for everyone involved in the chapter.

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Frank Kleinsorge

4th Year Graphic Design

Frank Kleinsorge is a Senior studying Graphic Design and also minoring in Arts Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is originally from New Jersey and enjoys going down the shore and spending time with family. He became a brother in the Fall of 2015 and has previously been Worthy Scribe as well as Technology Chairperson. Frank designed the Penn State Homecoming 2018 logo and hopes to work in New York City upon graduation.


Nicholas Leuser

3rd Year Architecture- House manager

Nick is a third year Architecture student from Bridgeton, PA. Growing up in an area with many historic houses and towns, he fostered an interest in buildings from an early age and brought that interest to Penn State to make it a career. In his free time, he likes outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, and cooking.


Teresa Pecher

3rd Year Architecture

Teresa is from Fairfield, PA, a small town near Gettysburg, PA. She loves art and enjoys painting, drawing, sketching, and sculpting. A lover of the outdoors, Teresa partakes in any activity to stay active. Whether it be her passion for soccer or track and field, she has always enjoyed sports . She also loves animals and has two cats and a dog.


Megan Harding

3rd Year Architecture

Megan is from Pittsburgh PA. In highschool, she loved to draw and run cross country. She brought that love for drawing to architecture school where she enjoys spending time in studio with her friends. In her free time, Megan bikes, hikes, and listens to music. Her favorite Netflix show is Parks and Recreation.


Oscar Wegbreit

3rd Year Larch

Oscar is a third year Landscape Architect major with a Sustainability Leadership Minor. He grew up a few minutes outside Philadelphia and was excited to attend Penn State after seeing the Stuckeman Building. In high school Oscar played Football and Rugby and was heavily involved in art programs. In his free time Oscar loves playing sports with friends, exploring the outdoors, and trying to be creative in any way possible.


James Graef

3rd Year Architecture

James is a junior double majoring in architecture in Stuckeman School and community and environmental development in the College of Agricultural Sciences. He plans to work in urban design and is fascinated by the planning of public transportation systems and their effects on cities. James loves the outdoors. In addition to camping all over Pennsylvania, he has backpacked in Canyonlands National Park in Utah and canoed in the Everglades National Park in Florida.


Cooper Knapp

2nd Year Architecture - Fundraising and Philanthropy Chair

Cooper is a 2nd year Architecture student from Berks County, Pennsylvania and is a part of the Delta Alpha Delta class. He chose Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture because of his passion to create and problem solve. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his friends, traveling, designing, and his pen collection.


Melody Blankenbiller

2nd Year Architecture - Technology Chair

Melody is a 2nd architecture major from Berks County, PA. She fell in love with architecture at a very young age, and got to design the sets for the musicals in high school. Melody knew that Penn State was the school for her when she visited the Stuckeman Building in 9th grade. Besides her education, she is very passionate about music, video production, and shopping.


Shwetanc Bothra

2nd Year Architecture- Recruitment Chair

Shwetanc Bothra is an Architecture and Art History major from India. He’s a sophomore and aspires to be an architect in space. He has always been interested in theatre and other performing arts, and it’s his other ambition to someday get into movies and musical theatre.


Caitlyn Henry

2nd Year Architecture

Caitlyn is a 2nd year Architecture student from Absecon, New Jersey and is one of the newest brothers of Alpha Rho Chi. Her love for traveling abroad has made her even more interested in pursuing a career in architecture. In her free time, Caitlyn can be found shopping, attending concerts, and most importantly, laying on the beach.


Jake Leonard

2nd Year Architecture

Jake is apart of the new Delta Alpha Delta class. He is originally from Pittsburgh, but has lived in many different places including outside Chicago, and currently resides outside of Philadelphia. He decided to peruse architecture because he loved building and designing since he was young. Jake likes to draw, play sports, and hang out with friends in his free time, when he’s not at the studio.



Hawkin Slusarski

4th Year Larch

Hawkin is a 4th year Landscape Architecture student from the South Jersey. He changed his major to landscape architecture after two years at Penn State, which is how he subsequently found Alpha Rho Chi. He completed a six-week study abroad in Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 2018. He loves design, the outdoors, traveling, and visiting National Parks.


Frank Mader

4th Year Larch

Frank is a local to State College Pennsylvania as well as a 4th year Landscape Architecture student in the Stuckeman School. His interest in Landscape Architecture has stemmed from learning the basics of architecture in high school as well as his interest in horticulture, outdoor recreational activities, and landscaping occupations. Hobbies and interests include Skiing, Fly Fishing, Photography and Camping. His involvement with Alpha Rho Chi has improved his college experience not only socially, but professionally as well.


Alex Hopple

4th Year Architecture

Alex Hopple is a State College resident and also a fourth year architecture student and the current Worthy Estimator. Apart from APX he is also in AIAS and enjoys participating IM soccer. He chose this major as it gives him the opportunity to work in a creative atmosphere and never worry about a boring day to day schedule. He loves to travel around the country/world especially to see his family who recently moved to Ireland. When with his family he loves to spend time with his adopted toddler siblings: Willow and Chase. Go Pats!


Nicholas Fudali

4th Year Architecture

Nicholas Fudali hails from the triumphant land of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Nick chose architecture because of its many ways of connecting with people, specializing in architectural theory and philosophy. Outside of class, beyond his clear taste in proper bagels and pizza, he enjoys immersing himself in all forms of cooking and eating. His favorite food is chipotle and his favorite food show is cutthroat kitchen. The only thing Nick enjoys more than food is basketball. Player comparisons include but are not limited to Paul Pierce, Kevin Love, and Dirk Nowitzki. Lastly, sneakers, all of them would please him but life’s a marathon not a sprint.


Josh Tubay

4th Year Architecture

Josh Tubay is a 4th year architecture student and was the past two THON chairs in Alpha Rho Chi. Even though he is from Lancaster, Josh is not Amish. He also participates in AIAS and Intramural sports. He will always strive for the betterment of the fraternity.


Brendan Burke

4th Year Architecture

Brendan Burke is an Architecture major in his 4th year. He is from Morristown, New Jersey and currently sleeps in a hallway in his apartment. Yes, this is by choice and if you ask him he'll tell you it's actually awesome. He loves to draw and play instruments, namely guitar, drums, bass and piano.


Kiriana Jobson

4th Year Architecture

Kiriana is a fourth year architecture student with a minor in graphic design. She grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania and chose Penn State after attending their architecture summer camp while in high school. She has always been interested in art, fashion, and interiors, and hopes to use her degree to explore other types of design. When she is not in studio, she loves traveling, hanging out with friends, and enjoying live music.


Tyler Luszik

4th Year Architecture

Tyler is a fourth Year Architecture student and a member of the Upsilon Alpha Mu class. He is originally from Toms River, New Jersey and have always wanted to go to Penn State. He is both a legacy at the university and within the architecture department. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball and going to the gym. During the summer, he frequents the local beach on his days off and enjoys jet skiing. After graduation, Tyler plans of moving to a city to continue his career as an architectural designer.


Nathan Steinhauer

4th Year Architecture

Nate is currently in his fourth year of architecture and hopes to work in the career of residential architecture some day. When he is not working on architecture projects or other school work, one can find him enjoying the outdoors. He loves hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, and golfing. Nate is also passionate for music and was involved in several musical bands and groups in high school.

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