Alpha Rho Chi

Alpha Rho Chi- Vitruvius Chapter

The nation's only co-ed professional fraternity dedicated to architecture and the allied arts. 


A major benefit of Alpha Rho Chi membership is the opportunity for association with alumni and faculty. Through firsthand information and contemporary experience, these professionals are able to assist in defining academic, personal, and career objectives. Student membership in APX is instant access to peer support from upper level students. You can gain critical insight into the expectations of upcoming years of study.


As a professional fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi has an obligation to further its members in a professional sense. We host lectures and workshops often open to the public, but sometimes as a benefit to our members only. One of the biggest ways Alpha Rho Chi will help you grow professionally is just through interaction with its members. There will be members of your chapter in different majors than you. This allows you to get a broader view on how majors interact in the professional world and a greater general understanding of architecture. Meeting other members nationally also allows you to gain a greater understanding of the field of architecture. The networking aspect of Alpha Rho Chi is one of its most powerful aspects with over 3,500 actives and alumni across the country.  


Members of Alpha Rho Chi often live and learn together. This relationship encourages tolerance of others, consideration of different points of view, collaboration to achieve common goals, and the sharing of ideas and experiences. Every member learns to treat others with respect and develops principles of leadership, service, and scholarship. Becoming a member of Alpha Rho Chi is truly a character developing experience. 


Besides the professional connections made through Alpha Rho Chi, many social connections are made as well. You become very close with members of your own chapter. It is often said that walking into a room of brothers is like walking into a room of best friends. This statement could not be more true. Attending national and regional Alpha Rho Chi events proves that relationship. Some of the best friends our members make are from all across the country. 


There truly is an aspect of Alpha Rho Chi that can appeal to ANYONE.

A house with many rooms, many faces...but one family.